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Reward system

By referring a friend to the server you earn some rewards.

• Each referred user gives you one point;
• Referred users count only after they reach level 20 with at least one character;
• Only the first character counts (one referral per account).

At our registration page, your friend can inform one of your characters name, so when he reaches at level 20, you earn 1 point. You can also provide them a link with character name. For example: (just replace your_char_name)


Reward Goal
150 Recommendations (not permanent) 5 points
5 Hype coins 10 points
Custom yellow title 15 points
10 Hype coins 20 points
250 Recommendations (not permanent) 25 points
2 Wedding clothes 35 points
2 Wedding clothes 40 points
Custom Twitch purple title 50 points


Character name Points
Ironie10 points
AludArg7 points
Zordeck6 points
H3R3G34 points
FakePro4 points
Stevie3 points
Ubek3 points
WaterClocK3 points
ChicoMoyano2 points
Dinamite2 points
GreenApple2 points
LUPO2 points
Amesdrak2 points
SpankaSpoosa2 points
M52b281 points
LuLu1 points
LazyTown1 points
LadyOfChaos1 points
L30nid4s1 points
Krisjay1 points
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