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Custons: Quest of craft of Boss Jewels
April 30, 2019

Quest 1: Astrid, the  Epic Jewels Master

Here, there are two other servers, you can create your own boss role by quest (not even a little easier to comb the magic of all those efforts and valid! (eg: Baium Ring, Queen Ring, Zaken Earring, Antharas Earring, Valakas Necklace, etc.) with our Master Astrid you can have them, you can fly, it only depends on you having a lot of time and dedication can be your ephicas hunt as pieces of clothing stores in classic hair map shows and bring them to this magnificent jeweler unite them all to you you!

You mobs that drop as parts of their jewelry are:
Antharas Item: Wind Crystal of Antharas
Monster: Karik (70%) / Bloody Lord (90%)
Loc: Dragon Cave Core
Baium Item: Thunder Crystal of Baium
Monster: Guardian Archangel(60%) / Seal Archangel(70%)
Loc: Tower of Insolence
QueenAnt Item: Earth Crystal of Queen Ant
Monster: Noble Ant Leader(90%) / Ant Warrior Captain(50%)
Loc: Ant Nest
Zaken Item: Sea Crystal of Zaken
Monster: Kaim Vanul (25%) / Vale Master(25%)
Pirate Zombie Captain(35%) / Sairon(90%)
Loc: Devil's Isle
Valakas Item: Fire Crystal of Valakas
Monster: Magma Drake(60%) / Blazing Ifrit(70%)
Loc: Forge of the Gods

Master Astrid also provides teleportation near the hunting grounds, but it is not free, she needs 10 pieces of fragments of nature that can be dropped from the monsters below to create the teleport stone called: Crystal of Nature.
nature fragment Item: Fragment Crystal of Nature
Dicor(30%) [LV40+] / Forest Runner(30%) [LV50+]
Localization: Cruma Tower / Enchanted Valley
Hot Springs Flava(10%) / Hot Spr. Nep.(10%) [LV68+]
Localization: Hot Springs (Goddard Territory)
crystal of nature
Item: Crystal of Nature
You can crafta it with 10 Crystal Fragment of Nature
or buy ready for just 1 Hype Coin

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