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• Important

Donations help to keep the server with our active and dedicated team in addition to making it possible to implement new security features and further improve the quality of the server. L2Hype is completely free to play and donations are completely optional and do not create any disadvantage for players.

• When making a donation you receive as a reward special coins (cannot be traded in game) that can be used to exchange the following services or decorations.

-Hats and ornaments                 $5

First Job $5
Second Job $10
VIP account without having to vote for 3 months $5
VIP account without having to vote never again $15
Change the Character gender $5
Change Character name $5
Change Clan name $10
Transfer Characters to other account $10
Change account email (needs confirmation with previous email) $ 5

p.s. Donations over 20 USD earn 10% bonus(ex: 30USD recieves 33Coins)

Click on any paypal link to make your donation. Right after finishing, don't forget to fill out the confirmation form to monitor and send your in-game coins. In stages:

1- Click on paypal and make the desired amount.

2- Confirm your baggage using the 'Donation Confirmation Form' button.

3- Wait up to 3 hours for your Hype Coins to be delivered. (Most of the time it is delivered in minutes).

4- Look for GrandPa Drummond on the beginner tracks or on the monster derby track to collect a reward prize! have fun :)

Donate with PayPal:


'Donation Confirmation Form'

Every donation will be very welcome and will increase the server's durability bar!

Thank you for believing in our project,
GM´s BONE and bTwo.

  • You receive 1 Coin's a cada R$ 1,00 donated.


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