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Custons: Quest of craft of Boss Jewels
Quest 1: Astrid, the  Epic Jewels Master Here, there are two other servers, you can create your own boss role by quest (not even a little easier to comb the magic of all th...
30 April, 2019
Custons2: Fishing Quest and Classes balance
Quest 2: Fishing Manézinha Fishing tutorial: Here at L2Hype fishing is serious stuff! You can buy your fishing rod with Maria Mo...
30 April, 2019
L2 Hype Start Event!
Event 1: 1st Month Calendar of L2Hype! (For the entire month of May / 2019, all characters that are logged in at 10:00 PM received the calendar day item) (No mês inteir...
13 April, 2019



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